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Znüni News – Wednesday January 18

Federal Councillor Alain Berset was minister of health during the pandemic and, as such, the spokeperson for the government. Now it seems as if his communication’s director, Peter Lauener, was leaking important information about the government’s Covid-19 policies to the Ringier press group’s CEO (they publish the paper Blick amongst others). An inquest about this and other sensitive dossiers that seemed to have been leaked has now been opened. There are calls for Mr Berset to resign but probably nothing will happen until the inquest is over. Blick journalists deny having being used by the government to propagate their policies and insist that they were rigorous in their research and unbiased in their coverage.

2022 saw the biggest growth in the work market in 20 years. In central Switzerland the growth was even 50% in the services industry (hairdressers, gastronomy and sales).

Two people who misused the Corona Help Fund have been sentenced. One 37 year old entrepreneur had falsified documents to receive a CHF 110 000.- in aid which she then spent on herself instead of her company. Another person managed to get CHF 500 000.- which he used to pay off personal dates and buy himself and his brother 4 cars. They were both given prison sentences. In all the justice department in Lucerne is looking into 100 cases of false claims.

61 communes in the canton of Lucerne have received fines for not offering enough placements for asylum seekers. In all the canton will be collecting 1.6 million francs in fines. Malters, Horw, Sursee, Oberkirch and Triengen are paying the largest fines. They are saying that this is unfair as they simply do not have enough spare apartments or rooms to offer.

The police are looking for witnesses after a 15 year old girl was run over and injured by a car at the train station in Rotkreuz on Monday afternoon.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.