Znüni News – Wednesday January 11.

Finding an affordable apartment in Zürich is turning into a real big challenge, firstly because not enough new apartments are being buit and because of the growing economy more and more people (including foreigners) are moving to the area. The price of rentals, in general, is going up as there is a general shortage of new builds.

In September 2020, a Swiss/Turkish national randomly stabbed a 29 year old Portuguese man in a kebab shop in Morges. The murderer claimed to be a follower of the terrorist group ISIS. He has now been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Meanwhile, in Sursee, a 75 year old Swiss man who stalked and threatened a woman whose ex-husband owed him money has been sentenced to two years in jail. He had left animal innards & a goat’s head in the woman’s letterbox and had threatened to do worse to her unless she paid him CHF 100 000.-. The sum, he claimed, her ex-husband owed him.

The Canton Hospital in Lucerne is also being affected by the lack of doctors and nurses. According to nursing staff an average wait at the ER can be close to 4 hours for non urgent cases, and the nursing staff are reporting feeling exhausted by the overtime they are having to do and feel that they are not able to always give the best quality care.

The LiLu festival will start tomorrow and last until January 22. This festival celebrates light installations throughout the old town. Because of the energy crisis it will only run from 18.00 to 22.00. and the Chapel Bridge Tower will not be illuminated. However there will be a spectacular show at the Hofkirche with two concerts on the organ per evening.

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