Znüni News – Wednesday December 7.

Today is big day at the top tier of the government as two new federal councillors are voted in replacing Ueli Mauer and Simonetta Somaruga. A couple of things are certain, it will be the same parties (i.e. SVP and SP) represented and, in the case of the socialist party, it will be a woman.

Parliament has approved the motion than only “yes means yes” when it comes to sexual consent. This is turning the argument on its head, that a victim did agree to having a sexual relation versus refused to having one.

More than 50% of controlled restaurants and shops illegally sell alcohol to minors, and after a first warning it was still 30% who continued to sell alcohol to minors according to the gastronomy police.

A cup of coffee costs 2.1% more than a year ago, bringing the average price of a cup to CHF 4,39. In the last 10 years the price has gone up by 6.8%. Inflation and the energy prices are being used as excuses for the hike.

You’d think that there were enough cows in Switzerland to provide the population with sufficient butter. Not so. Every year Switzerland has to import butter to meet the demand and next year the number has grown by 3000 tonnes, bringing the total imported amount of butter to 6100 tonnes on top of Switzerland’s own production.

Switzerland is out of the football world championship after losing 6 to 1 against Portugal. It is the third time in a row that Switzerland loses in the 1/8th finals. Portugal will be playing against Marocco in the 1/4 finals.

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