Znüni News – Wednesday December 14.

A member of the council of states has put a motion forward to allow more flexible work hours in order to save on energy. In her motion she argues that if employees were allowed to work all hours including at night and on Sunday, the energy grid would be under less stress during normal working hours. Other councillors countered that the motion was trying to turn Sunday into a normal working day and did not see the value in the motion.

In 2017 a couple who gave birth in the Kantonspital had written to the hospital’s ombudsman to warn of a lack of security in the maternity ward, it is unclear if the hospital took this warning into consideration, but according to current personel, until yesterday the nursing jackets were stored in a place readily available for anyone to grab. The hospital say that they are horrified at what happened on Monday and will be putting new security measures in place.

The Lucerne Hochschule has made the first survey into the mental wellbeing of the LGBT+ community and has found that this group suffer considerably more from depression and suicidal thoughts and have a much lower trust level of the medical field than other segments of society. This means that many LGBT+ people will not go to the doctor’s out of fear of being discriminated against. The deral council is calling for the medical community to make an effort to be more inclusive in their rapport with their patients.

Be very careful on the roads today, as sleet is due to fall causing black ice spots and very slippery conditions. The chaos cause by the snow and sleet will settle down in the coming days as temperatures are due to warm up again.

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