Znüni News – Wednesday August 25

Remember how in May Lucerne won the football cup final and 10 000 fans met on the Allmend to celebrate whilst the players held the cup high in the air? Well, the FC Luzern president has just been fined CHF 7000.- for allowing the celebrations to go ahead. If that were not enough punishment, Lucerne lost to Geneva 4-1 on the weekend.

It seems like the city is forever erecting new stakes for new buildings. Currently three high rises are causing legal headaches. The first one is the planned 118 meter high building in the Pilatus Arena, that’s after the Allmend next to Mattenhof. First the developers were told off for not staking the correct height, they claimed it was too dangerous to do so for stability reasons and had only shown the building at 100 meters height. This has now been changed. Eight separate challenges have been sent to the town meaning that the project will probably be slowed down or have to be reworked. The other two buildings are downtown near the Bundesplatz. These are meant to be 32 and 35 meters respectively, and it’s the town itself which is challenging these plans, claiming that it will not fit in with the city skyline. The investor don’t agree and the case is now going to the national court for a final decision. It is now 10 years since this area has had stakes up as various investors try to get a project accepted.

This afternoon the government will be announcing a series of new (old) measures it will take in the seemingly never-ending fight against Covid. Believing that vaccination is the only way out of this situation, it seems that it may be calling for non vaccinated people to wear masks at work or whilst doing indoor sports. It will also be confirmed whether tests without symptoms will stop being free as of October 1st. We will keep you informed.

If you go downtown in the coming days, you will probably stumble across various groups playing music from around the world. This is part of the Lucerne Festival and will run until this weekend. You can find out more here.

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