Znüni News – Wednesday 2. February 2022

Today the government will be putting forward two proposals for the lifting of all corona measures. Either a drip effect starting with quarantine and mandatory home office being lifted, followed by further restrictions being lifted at a later date; or a “freedom day” concept when all restrictions will be lifted on one day sometime mid-February. We will share the decision with you when it is announced.

If you were downtown around 16.30 yesterday you would have been forgiven for thinking that you were in an American cop movie. The police were doing standard car checks at Schwanenplatz when they flagged down a “pimped-up” car. Instead of pulling over, the driver took off full throttle towards Pilatusplatz, and a crazy car chase ensued with the car crashing into several unsuspecting vehicles including a police car. The police even fired a bullet at the car to try and get it to stop. The driver, a 31 year old Swiss man, managed to escape the police and make his way to Zürich where a frontal collision with two cars finally put an end to his rampage. He was arrested and returned to Lucerne for sentencing.

Don’t be surprised if at 13.30 you hear sirens ringing all over the country. This is the yearly siren test and it always takes place on the first Wednesday of February. 5000 permanent sirens and 2200 mobule sirens will be set off to ring for at least 1 minute. Between 14.15 and 15.00 the water alarm sirens will also be tested. This is my favourite advert on the topic:

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