Znüni News – Tuesday September 6

Switzerland buys its imported electricity from France which is why the news that France has decided to restart 32 nuclear plants, it had previously shut down, by February 2023 comes as good news. However, it remains to be seen if this is really feasible as some of the nuclear plants have corrosion issues. Meanwhile President Putin has made it clear that he will only deliver gas to Europe again if it lifts its sanctions against Russia.

As summer is coming to a close, the local “badis” (swimming areas) are looking back at a good season. Because the weather was good over a longer period of time, the number of people going swimming remained constant making it a pleasant experience for everyone. No dramatic accidents were recorded and overall the various “badis” saw an increase in visitors.

Things are not looking rosy for the wolfs in Switzerland. A sheep farmer eplained how 105 of his 1400 sheep were killed by wolves over the summer in the mountains. As more similar cases come to light, the government has decided to give the green light to allow the killing of wolves in central Switzerland.

A Lucerne institution is no more. The Cinema Moderne closed its doors this summer and will be replaced by yet another bar with a large events room behind. Only the cinemas Bourbaki and Capitol remain in town.

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