Znüni News – Tuesday September 5.

Should the cost of your insurance be dependent on your income? This is the debate that was launched by a member of the SVP (right wing) party. Arguing that with the rising cost of living the cost of insurance is hurting many households, the politician argued that those earning more should pay more, allowing those with less income to pay less. This suggestion is having very mixed reviews in parliament and is unlikely to be adopted. Insurance premiums are forecast to be rising by close to 10% next year.

Another politician (head of the Centre party) is complaining about the power held by the health lobbies, who write to each member of parliament to try and influence their decisions. According to him it is becoming unbearable to receive in excess of 20 emails with regards to each motion being discussed.

Should the Lucerne Theatre be moved into the Credit Suisse building on Shwanenplatz? This is the idea being floated by a member of the local parliament. He is suggesting that instead of a costly renovation of the current theatre, the theatre be moved to the Credit Suisse building, and the Neubau organisation move to the current theatre, as the old pool building is most probably going to be torn down.

Last year four doctor practices belonging to Thomas Haehner were forced to close down abruptly after he was accused of cooking the books and not having the required permits to run them. 60 000 patients were left without access to their personal files. The office for health and sport (DIGE) has now sorted out all of the files and are ready to return them to the patients. To date only 20 out of the 15 000 patients in Neuenkirch have stepped forward to retrieve their documents. If you are one of the patients affected (from the offices in Neuenkirch, Triengen, Oberkirch or Hergiswil bei Willisau) you can call this hotline to fill out a form to receive your personal file back: 041 228 45 54

This month is so far the warmest September on record with Mount Pilatus recording 21° Celsius on its summit yesterday morning. The forecast is for even warmer temperatures in the coming days.

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