Znüni News – Tuesday September 20

The woman who attacked two customers in Manor in the Tessin in 2020 was found guilty of attempted murder, belonging to a terrorist organisation and illegal prostitution and has been jailed for 9 years. She showed absolutely no remorse for her acts.

A man attacked another with a knife in Meznau in 2019. The case went to court and the attacker has been found guilty, and sentenced to be jailed for 6 years and then extradicted for 10 years back to Kosovo. What is interesting is that the two version of events are totally different and there are no witnesses. Still the court believed the victim’s version versus the attacker who suggested that the victim fell on the knife!

All buildings new and old should have solar panels. This is what several parties have put forward and asked for the topic to be debatted upon in parliament and on a cantonal level. To date only new builds are required to have solar panels.

The panoramic restaurant Botta on top of Glacier 3000 has been completely destroyed by a fire. What caused the fire and when it will be operational again remains unclear. But a reopening by November 5. the start of the ski season in Gstaad, seems very unlikely.

The parliament discussed electricity blackouts and agreed that these should be only used as an absolute last minute resort. Instead they called on the population to save electricity wherever possible. Here is an article we wrote on the topic.

The Guinness world record for the biggest rösti was set this weekend. With a 13.7 square meter rösti in the shape of a Swiss cross being cooked on the Bernese Bundesplatz by the Swiss Farmer’s Association. This new rösti breaks the previous record held by the city of Thun by 3 square meters.

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