Znüni News – Tuesday September 14.

From 2025 women retiring will need to work longer before they can receive the full pension. Women born in 1964 and thereafter who will have to work until age 65. As compensation for having to work longer these women will receive a bonus, but don’t get too excited we are talking of probably somewhere between CHF 70.- and CHF 120.- per month extra. Women born after 1970 will not receive any bonus. However the complete details are still being worked out. The AHV is hoping to save of up to 1.4 billion francs this way.

Ueli Maurer who is our right wing federal councillor (SVP party), showed his true colours this weekend by wearing a shirt worn by anti-corona measures demonstrators and also posing for a photograph with their leader. This goes against the message of unity that the government is trying to project, but will probably reassure the SVP voters who tend to be, in the majority, anti-vaxxers and against corona measures.

200 000 people signed a petition asking that tests remain free. As of October 1st anyone wanting a test will have to pay CHF 50.- for an antigen test and up to CHF 190.- for a PCR test.

Be careful what you say. A restaurant manager who let rip his frustration at Alain Berset in a private whatsapp video to friend paid a hefty price. In the message he threatened the health minister to “never come to Nidwalden or else” referring to the new measures in place forcing restaurants to check whether their clients have the certificate. The person he sent the message to shared it on social media and it went viral. Leading to the man from Buochs being questioned by inland security and having his restaurant license revoked as a consequence.

The Univeristy of Lucerne has decided to only offer vegan and vegetarian options in their mensa, this seems to be frustrating some local politicians who are calling for meat to reintroduced in the university’s menu. Their appeal for this matter to be treated as an emergency has been rejected by the council, meaning that it will not be debated any time soon.

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