Znüni News – Tuesday September 13.

Switzerland has found its nuclear waste disposal site. After 15 years of search it is now clear that Würenlingen in norther part of the canton of Argau is, from a geological point of view, the best place to store the nuclear waste. Whereas everyone in Switzerland seems to be in agreement about this, Germany is none too pleased and is asking for financial compensation, as they feel that the waste will be disposed too close to their borders. Würenlingen is touted as having a very stable underground and opalistunon, the stone that is deemed best to contain the waste, is found at a depth of 800 to 900 meters there. How much the storing of the waste is going to cost and how long before it can be stored is, as yet, unclear.

The government has decided that English can be used in court so long as all parties agree, it will be left up to the cantons whether they wish to implement this rule or not.

It is becoming harder to find apartments to rent than in previous years. Only 1.31% of apartments are currently empty. This is because fewer apartments are being built and more foreigners are moving to the country.

In June, the canton of Lucerne decided that all municipalities in the canton would have to accept a certain quota of Ukrainian refugees and, should this not be the case, they would have to pay a penalty. It is now clear that 64 of the 80 municipalities are not fulfilling their quota and will have to start paying fines. The municipalities are countering that the canton is taking too long to approve their accomodations plans and that, anyhow, there are not enough available apartments to go around.

It is forecast that the cost of energy will rise by 20 to 30 francs monthly as of next year. The Socialist Party and the Green Party have put a motion forward suggesting that the town give 180 francs to everyone living in the city to cover the extra cost. This would cost the town 15 million francs; last year the town earned a surplus of 51 million francs.

The first snow is forecast to fall this weekend at a height of 1500 to 1800 meters and temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-teens. Autumn is truly here.

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