Znüni News – Tuesday September 1

According the Gender Equal Pension organisation, as of today only men are receiving pensions in Switzerland. This is because of a financial disparity of at least 30% between men and women.This is partly explained by the fact that women tend to work less so that they can look after the family and usually end up returning to work part time. The worst affected demographics are divorcees and widows.

It was going to be a highlight for the region next winter: the Winter Universiade, an international sporting event for university students, which Lucerne was going to host in January 2021. Unfortunately it has also fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus; facing potential travel bans for certain countries, as well as a risk to spectators‘ and athletes‘ health, the organisers and the city have agreed to cancel the event. No alternative date has yet been announced.

Several Christmas Markets will also be cancelled this year. So far Hochdorf, Willisau and Zofingen have all announced that they will not be having Christmas Markets. Another big event which is uncertain to go ahead is Fasnacht. On September 7th the Fasnacht committee will meet with the city to make the final decision.

Tired of finding „police butterflies“ (i.e. paper fines) on your windshield and annoyed at having to go through all the faff of paying them? Fear no more, your friendly local police has come up with a solution: they now have an online fine portal. Simply scan the QR Code you received (on your windshield via a different looking paper fine) and you can pay your fine online. You see how easy the police is making it to take your money from you? I‘m sure you are thrilled! And as an extra treat here is their video explaining the process – lucky you…

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