Znüni News – Tuesday October 5

Seven traffic spots have been identified as dangerous for cyclists in downtown Lucerne. The mobility department of the city has been looking at solutions and come up with the simplest one, slow the traffic down. Do not be surprised to, very soon, see the speed limit be reduced to 30 km/h in most of downtown Lucerne.

On Sunday a motorboat sunk for unknown reasons, some 700 meters from the coast of Walchwil. One of the passengers, a 16 year old boy, was rescued but the owner of the boat, a 77 year old pensioner, has still not been found. The lake is 200 meters deep where the boat sank making the recovery much harder.

In the canton of Lucerne, people who take part in repetitive testing in schools, institutions or businesses can be issued with a free Covid-19 certificate if they so wish. The canton of Lucerne had asked the federal council to keep tests free until at least the end of the year.

Harvest time keeps on bringing its share of bad news. After corn, apples and pears used to make cider are being harvested. Farmers are finding that they are 25% down on their usual production and will only be harvesting 60 000 tonnes of apples this year, compared to the usual 80 000 tonnes.

Meanwhile in Meggen grapes are being harvested. The good news is that the harvested grapes are of good quality, but there will be about 50% less wine produced this year. It will be a good year but with very few bottles to be enjoyed.

By the way, October 23rd will be the Day of Wines from Central Switzerland. You will be able to go taste the wines from the region at the KKL.

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