Znüni News – Tuesday October 25.

The pilots at Swiss came out the winners from their negotiations and have, in effect, received a 4.3% rise in their salaries as well as the assurance that they will be receiving their monthly shift schedule earlier than, as currently, on the 25th of the previous month.

Things are also looking up in the gastronomy branch where salaries are set to rise by 4.4% next year, in general though people can expect a 2.2% raise in their salaries for 2023.

Per end of June there were 128 000 vacant job positions in Switzerland, the most in quite a long time. So this is why it feels a good time for many employees to be asking for a raise. The construction branch is next in line to threaten to strike for higher salaries.

We will have to wait until December 11th to find out SBB’s new train schedule for the coming year but one thing is already known, prices will remain the same. It will also be easier for people traveling with their bikes or dogs to get the needed extra tickets.

On Wednesday October 26. the Spoken Word Festival (Woerdz) will start at the the Südpol and run until Saturday 29. This festival celebrates writers, poets and singers. One of the highlights will be the appearance of rapper Mos Def a.k.a. Yasiin Bey who will be performing on Friday night.

Today, there will be a partial solar eclipse over Switzerland. It will begin at 11.30 and last until 13.10 and will reach its pinnacle at 12.10. Remeber not to look at the sun directly without wearing special glasses. If you want to get a proper look at the eclipse you can go to the observatory at Hubelmatt where they will be offering special equipment to watch the eclipse and also be able to explain what is happening.

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