Znüni News – Tuesday October 16

Sometimes the news throws up paradoxes such as being informed that the population of Lucerne has shrunk by 200 people this despite a stable number of deaths and a booming number of births. More people have moved away than moved here. However the number of people in the canton of Lucerne has gone up, now reaching over 406 000. But the paradox is that in the canton and the city the number of new builds has also gone up, and quite extensively in some areas (such as Lucerne Sud). So the question is, will the new houses attract more people back to the city or will they remain empty and perhaps bring rental prices down?

Whilst we are talking about homes it is interesting to note that nowadays most households are occupied by either one or two people. This is a clear demographic shift from 80 years ago, when the majority of households were occupied by 5 people or more.

Petty crimes seem to remain a constant but what is, perhaps, surprising is the ages of the criminals. A jogger was threatened with a knife on Sunday morning whilst out running around the Rotsee. The police were able to catch the two agressors who turned out to be 15 and 18 years old. Another two 18 year olds were caught after stealing a car and going for a joy ride. All of the perpetrators were Swiss nationals.

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