Znüni News – Tuesday November 23

Not surprisingly the number of cases continues to grow, with a daily average of 5148 (+48% compared to last week). The largest segment of the population getting infected are currently the 10-19 year olds. The over 60s are the least affected; considering that they are the only ones who have access to the booster, it probably isn’t surprising.

Talk of restrictions are floating around, but it seems like politicians do not have the stomach to implement anything major until after the votation this coming Sunday. They are encouraging the cantons to come up with solutions instead.

Meanwhile the USA has put Germany and Denmark on its high Covid risk list of countries, and is discouraging Americans from travelling there. A further 75 countries are on their at-risk list, including Austria, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The EU – Switzerland negotiations continue and Switzerland is proposing to double its financial contribution to the EU from 1 billion francs to 2 billion francs in order to regain access to the EUs research and educational programmes such as “Horizon Europe” and “Erasmus Plus” .

A wolf has been spotted for the first time in the region around Basel. Wolves were reintroduced in the wild in Italy and have been slowly spreading across other countries, notably in Switzerland. This is as far north that one has been spotted.

A propos wolves, this weekend the Lucerne World Theatre Company will be showing their Christmas production of “The Twisted Tales of a Toothless Monster” or how the wolf got his bad rap. Tickets are still available here.

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