Znüni News – Tuesday November 20

A tragic accident took place on the Rigi yesterday when a South Korean tourist wandered onto the train tracks in thick fog and was hit by the Rigi train. The gentleman later died of his injuries.

The continued effort for financial cuts means that the History and Nature Museums will be merged in an effort to save 1 million francs. The new museum will open in 2024 but it is as yet unclear where it will be.

Parking downtown continues to be an issue, as the town council still rejects any further talks for a new car park but acknowledge that coaches continue to be an issue. The suggestion is for creating an app which would show coach drivers where they can find parking, thus avoiding traffic congestion due to coaches not knowing where to go.

Being a pilot in the Swiss Army must seem an exciting job, but the air space over Switzerland is quite small and there are many restrictions meaning that the pilots have a hard time getting in the training needed. Case in point as they are only allowed to fly by night for four hours a week during the summer (two hours in winter), so forty Swiss pilots have headed to Scotland where they are currently training over the North Sea and enjoying a bit of Scottish hospitality.

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