Znüni News – Tuesday November 2

The number of Covid cases are now doubling every 20 days, and expectations are that the cases will double every 2 weeks in the unimmunised segment of the population as temperatures drop and people spend more times indoors. Which is why the government is now considering to switch from a 3G ruling for the Covid certificate to a 2G for certain events such as concerts or sport events. This would mean that only people who have been vaccinated or have immunity would be allowed access. This is already the case in Germany and Austria where they are trying to prevent a fourth wave of Covid cases from shutting the countries down again. Meanwhile Norway which has the highest vaccination quota in Europe is dropping nearly all restrictions.

In Zermatt a restaurateur and his family have been arrested for refusing to implement the Covid rules in their restaurant. The police ordered them to close their business after they refused to have staff wear masks and did not implement the Covid certificate rules for their guests. When they also refused to do this, the police put concrete bollards in front of the doors to prevent clients from going in; when the business still remained defiantly open, the police went in and arrested the family and fined all the guests who had turned up in support.

Halloween was only recently adopted as a celebration in Switzerland but it has now seems to have become shorthand for vandalism in Zürich and Geneva. Both city centres had several fires started downtown, rubbish bins torn out of the ground and petty acts of vandalism committed on the spooky night.

6657 runners took part in the Lucerne Marathon this past Sunday. The weather conditions were ideal and the crowd of 25 000 people made it a fun event for all. A special shout out went to Marcel Schuler who was running his 50th marathon just before his 50th birthday and to all our readers whether they ran or cheered. Well done for making it such an amazing day.

Expect grey and rainy conditions in the coming days as well as temperatures in the single digits. Snow could fall as low as 1200 meters.

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