Znüni News – Tuesday November 15.

Switzerland now ranks 22nd in the Climate Change Performance Index, falling out of the top 20 countries. Morroco, the Philippines and Egypt are all ranked higher. Denmark, Sweden and Chile are the top rated countries. The index looks at Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Use and Climate Policy. You can find the full ranking here.

In Switzerland there currently is nearly no unemployment and many sectors have vacancies. For the first time a detail analysis across all professional sectors has been made. It showed that doctors are the most needed profession followed by nursing care personel (including academics), electricians, and mechanics. At the other end are machine operators for textil and fur industries where there is no great demand. Because the list only took in statistics until 2021, the gastronomy sector isn’t shown as being in need, whilst we know that this is one of the sectors where there, currently, is a huge problem in finding staff.

On the 11.11 at 11 a.m., 4000 spectators watched the traditional beheading of a goose in Sursee. This tradition dates back to the middle ages, it consists of a man wearing a large golden mask representing the sun, twirling three times on himself and then attempting to behead a dead goose hanging from a line using a sword . This year the winner managed to do it in 13 strokes. There is a petition being launched as some deem this tradition to be barbaric and belonging in the past, but it seems like the locals do not wish to give the tradition up so easily. Time will tell.

Switzerland’s women tennis team won the Billie Jean King Tennis Cup this past weekend in Glasgow, beating Australia 2 – 0. Belinda Bencic, Jill Teichman, Simona Walter and Viktoria Golubic were representing the country.

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