Znüni News – Tuesday May 4

Migros is starting a one year pilot project collecting all plastic wrappings in special designated bags which you can buy in the supermarket. This project had initially been planned for last summer, but negotiations with REAL, our local garbage collecting company took longer than planned. REAL does not really see the value in separating these hard to recycle plastics, but Migros has now promised to reuse part of them in their own brand packaging. Whereas WWF applauds the initiative, Greenpeace would prefer if Migros would invest in reusable packaging instead.

In case you didn’t know, our 250 000 tonnes of non-recyclable garbage gets sent to the incineration company Renergia in Perlen where it is burned. The steam produced is used by the Perlen Papier AG company and the electricity and heat is used to provide energy to the local households.

Finally after years and years of debate, it seems as if the Luzerner Theatre will be getting a complete makeover and reopen in a new building in 2028. It will comprise of three separate stages, the largest of which will be able to accomodate up to 700 spectators. A foyer, a restaurant, a large terrace as well as a theatre shop. The building of the theatre will cost around 120 million francs and the yearly running costs of the theatre will be around 22.6 million francs. This fall, a competition for the design of the new venue will be launched.

Because no tourism coaches are expected this year at the Löwenplatz, the city has decided to, like last year, invest 25 000 francs into turning it into a small pop-up park with plants & benches for locals to while the time away.

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