Znüni News – Tuesday May 3.

The Mall of Switzerland was opened with claims that, being the largest shopping mall in Switzerland, it would revolutionise people’s shopping experience. Five years down the road it is now under its third management team as the droves of shoppers stay away and many shop stalls remain unrented. The new management from Holland says that they will focus on making the Mall an entertainment and experience destination.

The employees from Swiss airlines have been striking to protest against working conditions; with some flight attendants having to work 14 hour shifts and not getting enough time off to recuperate in between flights. Last year Swiss fired 550 crew personel because of the pandemic, and now that people want to fly again, they are finding themselves short staffed. This has caused some flights to be cancelled as personel call in sick. Swiss is actively looking for more personel to alleviate the problem.

Saturday morning a 35 year old high on cocaine and drunk took to the roads around Sursee, causing several accidents and damaging property. His driver’s license was taken from him by the police.

The city of Lucerne is launching a “Mediterranean Nights” pilot project. Restaurants and bars downtown will now be allowed to remain open until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings from June until September. Whereas customers are rejoicing at the prospect of staying out longer, the people living downtown may have less reasons to celebrate.

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