Znüni News – Tuesday May 17.

Lucerne continues with its policy of making downtown Lucerne less attractive to cars. The long planned underground expansion of the train station will require the space currently used by the undergound parking 1 (parkings 2&3 will remain). These 377 parking spots will not be replaced downtown but somewhere further out of the town. One project that keeps coming up is a planned underground parking behind the Musegg wall. But not everyone is enthusiastic about having a new parking so close to town. Negotiations continue.

No Buvette allowed in front of the KKL this summer. The town seems to be following a policy of reducing commercial use of public spaces and the small drink kiosk in front of the concert hall is the first one to be cancelled. Luckily the other Buvettes along the Ufschötti are still allowed. Meaning that there is still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the hot summer days we are currently enjoying.

With the warm days people are flocking to the “badis” the swimming areas around the region. A debate is now raging as to whether women should be allowed to sunbathe topless. Whereas Mooshüsli in Emmen, Kleinfeld Kriens and the Lido in Lucerne turn a blind eye on women subathing topless, other “badis” and “lidos” expressly forbid women from doing so. In any case swimming and walking around topless is not allowed. Just remember to put loads of suncream on, and don’t dive into the cold water!

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