Znüni News – Tuesday March 16

Yesterday the parliament voted in favour of raising the age at which women are eligible for the state pension from 64 to 65 by 2027. To make it more appetising a 9 year enticement campaign which would gradually add CHF 150.- monthly to women’s pension would be put into place. Women, in general, have a third less income to live on when they retire.

It was also agreed that the VAT would, generally, go up by 0.3%.

The local parliament voted to keep the three secondary school systems available for each commune to choose from. Secondary schools are currently divided into three types: integrative, cooperative or separated. The vote had been to make away with the separated model but this was turned down in the name of federalism. You can find out more about how the secondary schools work by reading this post.

Should things go according to plan as of March 22 restaurants will be allowed to reopen their terraces. That is not enough for the canton Schwyz which has decided to allow restaurants to completely reopen on the 22nd. We will see if this causes a precedent and other cantons follow suit.

A motion to allow foreigners with C permits to vote on a communal level weas rejected by the local parliament yesterday. The parliament argued that now that foreigners can gain Swiss nationality within 10 years of moving here, there is no need to give them a voice in local politics any sooner.

Starting tomorrow bicycles will be allowed to turn right at red lights. But wait, only red lights which have a pannel specifically allowing bikes to turn at a red light. There currently are 20 in the canton and 8 specifically in the town. Good luck finding them!

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