Znüni News – Tuesday June 14.

Today is Frauenstreik day in Switzerland. Women have had the right to vote in Switzerland for 50 years, however there continues to be a lot of inequality, which is why women all over the country continue to demonstrate on June 14. Today there will be a feminist breakfast from 9.30 to 11 at the Vögeligarten, followed by speeches and concerts at the Theatreplatz from 15.00. At 18.00 a demonstration starting at Theatreplatz and ending at the Inselipark will take place. You can find out more here.

42% of parliamentarians at the national level are now women, and on the council level it is 26.1%, however there has been little change with regards to salary parity and women continue to receive a third less pension money as men do. There is a new push for more women to be voted into parliament in 2023 so as to try and get this issues addressed in the near future.

Other countries may be lowering taxes on fuel and gas, so that the consumer doesn’t suffer due to the hike of price at the gas station, not so in Switzerland where the government feels that it can ill afford to cut back on its fuel taxes. This will probably lead to more Swiss crossing the border to countries where fuel costs less.

Spain is currently in the throes of a heat wave with 43° celsius recorded in Sevilla. As the Spanish high spreads across Europe, we are getting some of the heat too and can expect temperatures to reach up to 35° celsius by the end of this week. Keep cool and drink pleanty of water!

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