Znüni News – Tuesday January 9.

If you are used to buying your bus tickets at a ticket machine you might be in for a nasty shock as the VBL has announced that it will be removing 40 machines this year. They have studied the buying habits of their consumers, some ticket machines get used less than 10 times in a day. The cost of maintenance is so much greater than the profit that it makes no sense to keep these machines in place. If your local ticket machine should vanish there are alternative that you can use. Either download Fairtiq or ÖV Ticket app or buy your ticket from the driver.

Last year the police offices had to close on the weekend for budget reasons and the need to save money. But this is a new year and so the police are pleased to inform that their offices will be open Saturday mornings in  Ebikon, Emmen, Hochdorf, Horw, Kriens, Schüpfheim, Sursee and Willisau.

There are currently 82 000 inhabitants in the city, by 2035 this will rise to 96 000, the city is now planning ahead and wants to improve the life in neighborhouds by creating 19 „village squares“ in the various areas of the city. This will be in the hope of bringing the inhabitants together and keeping the small town feel good factor.

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