Znüni News – Tuesday January 4. 2022

Covid-19 cases are now averaging nearly 15 000 new cases daily (+60%) and are expected to reach an average of 20 000 within days. The good news is that the number of people requiring to go to hospital has not risen as dramatically, leading pundits to think that there will not be any further measures taken any time soon.

The cantons of central Switzerland have all decided that people who are in close contact with an infected person (i.e. in the same household) now only have to quarantine for 7 versus 10 days.

As of yesterday children aged 5 to 11 are also eligible to be vaccinated in the canton of Lucerne. If you are interested you can sign your child up here.

There currently are 31 police stations in the canton of Lucerne, that’s too many according to the canton which is aiming to close half of the stations. This would simply mean that the policemen and women would be more on patrol and working out of fewer stations. Which stations are to be shut has not been decided yet.

Yes, your Christmas tree can be put out in the street on green garbage collection day. However if it is taller than two meters you will need to cut it in half.

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