Znüni News – Tuesday February 9

Most of you will have woken up to a winter winderland – again! The temperatures from the last few days may have made us feel like it was springtime but winter is back with a vengeance. It will snow today and tomorrow and temperatures are going to drop to minus 10 at night. Add in the wind chill factor and we are in for a very cold week!

Unemployment has risen by nearly 40% in one year reaching the same level as in 2010. It currently stands at 3.1%, Lucerne remains below the national average at 2.2%. Young people are the most affected and the gastro industry has seen a rise of 61.4% unemployment compared to last year. Unions are criticising the government’s handling of the pandemic especially with regards to compensations for businesses being forced to close.

Trade associations are calling on the government to have a clear strategy on the reopening of the economy as of beginning of March. After the health minister, Alain Berset, has said to not expect much change for the month of March, six trade associations have petitioned the government to think again. Explaining that there are good safety practices in place for businesses, they want to reopen the economy for business.

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