Znüni News: Tuesday February 4

An astonishing accident took place yesterday when a train collided with a platform at the Lucerne main train station. Twelve passengers were injured and it is still unclear as to why this accident took place, at this stage it seems as if the driver did everything by the book. An investigation continues.

A recent study has revealed that the Swiss drink an average of 7.7 litres of alcohol per person (roughly 80 bottles of wine). Only 19% of the population smoke but 10% of under 15s are smokers, however this figure doesn‘t take into account snuf and vaping which are both on the rise. Whilst 48% of the population play the lottery or similar games but only 0.2% of the population identify as having a gambling issue. 

Storm Petra isn‘t done battering the country so far wind gusts of 120 km/h have been felt, expect temperatures to drop, snow to fall and winds to continue blowing into the evening.

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