Znüni News – Tuesday February 27

After we experienced the warmest month of January on record, this is now the coldest February in the last 30 years. If it‘s any consenlation, the „Beast from the East“ is affecting the whole European continent. The temperatures are set to remain this cold until Wednesday whilst this Sunday we will be enjoying a mild 10 degrees. So brace yourselves for a couple more Siberian cold days!

As we mentioned yesterday, there is much talk about a new train station for Luzern. Seeing as the current train station experienced another malfunction yesterday morning after two trains broke down reulsting in many trains either being cancelled or late, a new train station may not be such a bad idea after all!

Good news for travellers flying from Zürich airport, as of April 1st you will be able to have your luggage picked up at your home and delivered to the airport for you. This service known as „door to door check-in“ will first be offered if you are flying with Swiss or Edelweiss. Another service which is being expanded is handing your luggage at the trainstation. This service is being offered in 160 train stations, but does not include check-in. You can drop your suitcase off the day before and pick it up at the airport where you can then check it in. This is service is available regardless of which airline you are flying with.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Saying of the day: Bisch es Gfrörli. You’re easily cold.[/perfectpullquote]

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