Znüni News — Tuesday February 23.

For the first time in many months the number of coronavirus cases has gone under the 1000 daily case marker; currently there is a daily national average of 998 cases. The number of patients in hospitals as well as the number of daily deaths due to the virus have also gone done, leading many politicians to a feeling of cautious optimism.
They are openly self-congratulating themselves on going the Swiss way when it came to ski resorts, pointing out that unlike neighbouring countries the slopes did not close and infections did not rise because of it.
Many cantons including Lucerne are now calling for restaurants to be allowed to, at the very least, reopen their terraces as of March 1st, instead of April 1st as the government announced last week. They also want to review the situation every fortnight instead of every month to either relax more rules or, on the contrary, close shop again. It will be interesting to see what decision the government announces tomorrow. We will, of course, share that with you.
„Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely“. A politician from Geneva has been found guilty of accepting an all expenses paid holiday to Abu Dhabi for him and his family three years ago, where it became apparent that he was being asked to do favours back in Switzerland in return. Although he has been found guilty, this hasn‘t stopped the man from standing for reelection, and apparently he may even have a chance of winning. 
A spectacular accident took place last night when a driver managed to get a car trapped on the rail lines in the area of Winterthur. The car was squashed between two passing trains and, miraculously, the driver was extracted alive from the wreckage and flown to hospital. Noone else was injured.

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