Znüni News – Tuesday December 7

The council of states has approved antigen tests being made free again. This motion will now be debated in parliament; if approved this would be a turnabout for the government who had pushed for all tests to be paid for by the consumer. PCR tests for travel purposes or to go out clubbing would remain payable by the person wanting them as would home tests and antibody tests. This will still cost the government in the region of 911 million francs.

Christmas markets are now asking that visitors wear masks even if the markets are outdoors unless they are applying the Covid certificate rules. Confused? The markets have promised to put posters up explaining which rules are to be followed…

A 54 Thai national has been sentenced to 13 months of jail for having lured 29 Thai women to come to Switzerland where they were forced into becoming prostitutes in brothel on the Baselstrasse. The women had to hand over 50% of their earnings and were kept in slave like conditions. She risks a further 6.5 years in jail for human trafficking and money laundering.

It was a close call: 61 to 58 members of the Lucerne parliament voted against putting the right for 16 year olds to take part in voting to a referendum, meaning that the population will not get a say in the matter.

Close to 200 parents demonstrated against children in the first year of primary school being made to wear masks during class. The parents are claiming that, at that age, it is really difficult for kids to remember to keep their masks on and so the masks effectiveness is questionable, and that children have complained of getting headaches as a consequence. The schools are arguing that wearing masks is the simplest solution to prevent schools from having to close.

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