Znüni News – Tuesday December 13.

Yesterday a three day old baby was kidnapped from the Frauenklinik at the Kanton Hospital in Lucerne. The woman simply walked into the hospital and told the mother that she was part of the hospital team and needed to do a couple of tests. She then walked out of the hospital with the baby. Luckily the police were able to find her and the baby within a few hours, and the child has been returned to its family. The 20 year old kidnapper had lost her own child at the beginning of this year. Yesterday she excitedly called a relative to say that her baby was back. When the relative turned up she could see that the baby was beginning to show signs of hypothermia, the police showed up not long after. The hospital has already implemented more security measures to be sure that this does now happen again.

Meanwhile the children’s hospital is completely overloaded, this because of a lack of qualified personnel and also because of the number of children requiring hospitalisation due to the RS Virus. The hospital has put a call out for anyone with a background in nursing to come forward to help them. If you are interested you can call them at 0848 553 433 during office hours.

One of the ongoing problems in Lucerne is what to do with the tourists coaches that bring people to the city centre. The town would like them to stop in front of the train station (where the short term parking is), but several associations are questioning the validity of the idea and claim that there are too many uncertain points that need clearing up (such as which coaches qualify, how long can they stop for, where do they go to afterwards?) before giving the green light to the project.

The Blue Balls Festival is dead, long live the festival! In September the founder of the festival had announced that, for personal reasons, he could not go on running the event which has been a highlight of the summer for decades. Now a new team has stepped forward and say that they are willing to take on the challenge and have already announced a festival for next summer.

Last night was the coldest night of the year with temperatures reaching minues 12.8° celsius, today will remain equally cold but then the weather will warm up a little with temperatures around freezing point. The weekend should be sunny (at least in the mountains).

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