Znüni News – Tuesday December 1

Today is December 1st and meteorologically the first day of winter. If you were up early enough you may have briefly enjoyed a winter wonderland out of your window before the snow turned to rain. However the snow has led to chaos on the roads so be sure to drive safely and plan plenty of time to get to your destination.

Proving that the Swiss way is not always the best way, the World Economic Forum has been observing Switzerland‘s inability to get the Covid-19 cases under control and is looking at other venues in safer countries (like Singapore) for the 2021 WEF meeting. This would only be the second time in its history that the WEF meeting would take place outside of Switzerland. Last time, was shortly after 9/11 when the meeting took place in New York.

Rumour has it that, in view of the very slow reducing of number of cases (-15% compared to last week), the government is preparing to announce a mini-lockdown in order to save Christmas, which could include minimising contact between households and would last until December 23. We will share the details as soon as the press conference takes place.

Forget angry old men, angry „mature“ women is where it‘s at nowadays! The Senior Women for Climate Change organisation is taking Switzerland to court at the EU for doing too little to protect the environment. Should this case prove successful then it would set a precedent for all other countries. So there you have it: never „p*ss“ an older woman off!

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