Znüni News – Tuesday August 31

It is one of the highlights of the autumn school holidays but, like last year, the Lozärner Määs (autumn fair) has been cancelled due to the high numbers of Covid-19 cases this month.

The European Union has advised its member countries against accepting americans travelling for non essential reasons because of the high number of cases in America, and America has advised its citizens against travelling to Switzerland because of our high numbers. Meanwhile the number of cases are exploding in Kosovo and many are pointing fingers at people returning from that region for the high numbers in Switzerland. It is true that the Kosovo diaspora is one of the least vaccinated here, but they blame the difficulty for them to get a vaccine after work hours as the reason why so few are vaccinated.

Last week the government turned to the cantons to get their opinion on having a compulsory Covid Certificate check for people going to restaurants or other entertainment venues. Most cantons have answered positively with some even suggesting that the use of the certificate be extended to reentry into Switzerland or travelling on public transport.

Meanwhile farmers are having a disagreement with the government about how much cow dung they are allowed to pour onto fields close to lakes. The amount of phosphore that this releases into the ground is still much too high and damaging for the plants, fish and water reserves. The cantonal tribunal finds that the requirement that farmer adhere to the agreed amount of cow dung is reasonable but 145 local farmers are refusing to accept this. They have now created an association so that together they have a better chance of being heard.

The university of Lucerne is the first one in Switzerland to operate an entirely vegetarian mensa . It remains to be seen whether, in three weeks time, when the semester restarts the students will be happy with this or choose to go elsewhere to eat meat.

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