Znuni News – Tuesday August 28

The rain on the weekend was enough for the ban on making fires in the forest to be lifted. Since the ban was implemented back in July anyone caught grilling in one of the official fireplaces had risked a CHF 20 000.- fine, this will no longer be the case as the drought seems to be officially over.
The Bürgenstock was voted „Hotel of the Year“ by the gourmet publishers Gault & Millau. This is good news for the region as the Hotel Montana was also voted „best hotel in Switzerland“ by a similar organisation. Whether this will make bookings for overnight stays in the region go up remains to be seen.
Our train station is going to be first to have a digital screen which will run the full length of the station, over 100 meters. It will not only show when the trains, bus and ships will be departing but also give travelling tips for tourists. This is a first in the country. It will be put up in the spring.
A propos am I the only one overwhelemed by all the building and renovation going on in the city? It seems to me like so many roads are being torn up it‘s making getting around akin to some kind of parcours. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

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