Znüni News – Tuesday August 24

Last night a plane carrying the first 100 refugees from Afghanistan landed in Zürich. A further 200 refugees are slated to come to Switzerland in the coming days. These are people who worked alongside the Swiss in Kabul with their closest family members.

Yesterday 65 000 children returned to school in the canton of Lucerne. They were able to do this without wearing masks in class, but this could change if looking at other cantons who began school last week is anything to go by. In the canton of Schaffhausen spit tests showed that the numbers of youths infected by corona has greatly grown since before the summer holidays, leading the canton to make the wearing of masks mandatory again.

Mr Borgula is our environmental minister and he is set on making Lucerne a greener city at all costs. In his plan to reduce the number of cars in town, he has asked that the number of parking spots be cut downtown. Instead they are to be turned into parts of pedestrian streets as seen in Neustad, or simply built over as in Alpenquai. Now he is saying that anyone renting a yearly parking space from the city will have to pay more if their car runs on fossil fuels.

The city is also trying to clean up all the bicycles around the train station by building an underground parking for 2000 bikes to the tune of nearly 20 million francs.

Did you know that you are allowed to park your bike pretty much anywhere on a pavement as long as you leave at least 1m50 room for pedestrians to go by?

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