Znüni News – Tuesday 1. March 2022

Switzerland has aligned itself with Europe against Russia and adopted the same sanctions against the country. Namely freezing bank accounts belonging to Vladimir Putin and his entourage (including companies), banning any Russian planes from flying over Switzerland, and preventing oligarchs with connections to Putin from entering the country. As a direct consequence of these sanctions the Gaspipeline Nord Stream 2 company based in Zug fired its 140 employees on the spot yesterday.

The canton of Lucerne is putting together a Ukrainian task force to help deal with the forecast influx of refugees (somewhere between 4000 and 10 000 should enter Switzerland in the coming days). As soon as the government gives the go ahead to allow refugees into the country the task force will look at how and where to place the refugees. This campaign launched on campax invites people with spare rooms to sign up so that they can be assigned a refugee to stay with them. Caritas is also calling for donations to help people crossing the border. We will be sharing a post with several campaigns you can donate to later today.

Today is the last day of Fasnacht, if you somehow missed it so far, you still have two chances of seeing parades. This afternoon will be the children’s parade which takes place in the old town, and tonight the Monstercorso parade which is without floats but when all the bands parade through the streets, more details here.

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