Znüni News – Thursday October 29

It’s the day after the day before… I mean that yesterday the government released it’s new “drastic” measures. No lockdown but masks outdoors if social distancing can’t be observed, no more than 10 people allowed to meet for private events, no more than 15 people doing a sport or cultural activity together and only 4 people per table (except for families) at a restaurant (which will have to close at 11). Schools will remain open but universities are going back to online learning. To read about all the measures in detail go here.

Some people may be struggling with wearing a mask or social distancing but it seems that a lot of people want to be vaccinated against the flu. So much so that doctors are having to prioritise as there is a shortage of flu vaccinations. Only people in the risk groups are currently being allowed to be vaccinated, i.e. people over the age of 65, pregnant women, babies up to 2 years of age or people with long term illnesses, as well as people working in health care. But even then there may be quite a wait for an appointment to be vaccinated.

The last execution by guillotine took place in Sarnen on the 18th of October 1940. That’s only 80 years ago. The victim was Hans Vollenwieder who was found guilty of having killed three people (including a policeman) in order to procure himself with a new car and clothes and a new identity. Ironically the Swiss had voted the end of capital punishment in 1938 but this was not due to come into effect until 1942, which is why this even at the time, highly controversial execution took place. Interestingly, an initiative was launched in 2012 for capital punishment to be brought back for murders involving sex crimes. It didn’t gather enough vote to be brought to a referendum.

A special hello to our american friends who agreed to share their opinion on the upcoming election in the local paper: here is the link to the article.

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