Znüni News – Thursday October 21

People recovered from Covid-19 have, up to now, received a Covid certificate valid for 6 months only; this will now be changed to 12 months after the department of health reviewed studies proving that recovered patients have a stronger immune protection than vaccinated people.

The health minister, Alain Berset, also announced that the Covid certificate will remain in place for the foreseable future but that, most probably, it will not be required for cable cars in ski resorts.

Many of you probably saw part of the flight show put on by the Patrouille Suisse on Sunday. It was spectacular and, at times, quite loud. It seems like the planes flew lower than they were allowed to. The town states that planes are not allowed to fly lower than 300 meters above a city, the army counters that army planes are allowed to fly as low as 150 meters over residential areas. The city is now looking into whether to fine the army for breaking the law.

The Christmas season usually begins on November 25th in Lucerne, when the KKL opens its “Live on ice” ice rink and this year will be no exception, with the ice rink remaining in place until January 2nd. The tall and extravagantly decorated Christmas tree will, however, be missing as the KKL has been unable to find anyone willing to sponsor the CHF 15 000.- required for the felling, transport and decorating of the tree.

The depression “Hendrik” currently over Switzerland has brought winds of up to 140 km/h, caused chaoes on the roads again but will blow over the country by the middle of the afternoon. Another weaker depresion will come tomorrow and then it will be back to a beautiful sunny weekend.

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