Znüni News – Thursday November 26

No skiing this season? If Italy, France and Germany have their way that‘s exactly what will happen. These countries are all keeping their slopes closed until next January and are now calling for a European wide ban on skiing until end of January 2021. Arguing that the first super spreader event was in a ski resort (Ischgl, Austria) and that it is too risky to let masses take to the slopes, they are threatening to force quarantine on any of their citizens who choose to come skiing in Switzerland. Austria is arguing that they have a concept in place so see no reason not to open their resorts. Switzerland is, at this point, also holding steadfast with its plans to keep the ski resorts ipen. However, should Austria cave in and close its resorts, then Switzerland may have to follow suit or risk having all its European tourists being forced to quarantine. 

Was it a terrorist act or „just“ the acts of a deranged woman that took place in Lugano yesterday? As a reminder, a woman went into Manor and attacked 4 people seriously injuring one with a knife. The police are looking into the Swiss woman‘s past, and seeing her links to the jihadist movement, are calling it a terrorist attack. Her mother, on the other hand, is arguing that she was on heavy medication and was doing therapy to deal with her psychosis but had recently stopped both. In any case the four victims of the attack are, thankfully, not in danger of losing their life and the woman is in custody.

Christmas is (nearly) here. Last night Lucerne switched on its Christmas lights, bringing a bit of cheer to our foggy nights. I‘m taking it as a cue to put our lights up too. 

In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers!  

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