Znüni News – Thursday November 24.

The Christmas Advent season begins today in Lucerne. Although there will be no ice rink in front of the KKL and no Christmas lights due to the energy crisis, Christmas cheer will still be on display with the three KKL terrasses done up as winter wonderlands. At 17.30 on the Europa square (in front of the KKL) there will be a procession of Trychlers (men with large cow bells) and other traditional characters which will then go onto the Kornmarkt. You can find out more here.

But you can start the Advent cheer at lunchtime at the Schweizerhof where they will be selling delicious soup for a good cause from 11.30 onwards.

Of course, there also is the Rudolf Christmas Market at the Inseli Park, which amongst others sells the most expensive hot dog in the world. It is made with Kobe beef, covered in Alba truffle and sprayed over with Champagner foam. It sells for CHF 250.- for one hot dog and has garnered international attention because of this (note that its not because of its taste).

The Bruchquartier will also be putting on its festive “clothes” starting today and until Sunday as there will be loads of Christmassy events taking place in that neighborhoud.

Our economy minister Guy Parmelin has decided to play the role of the Grinch this Christmas, by putting forward the energy consumption reducing measures that could be put into place should there be a true risk of energy shortage. As a first step we would all be called to save energy at home, but cars could also be forced to go no faster than 100 km/h on the highway, and large companies would be given a specific amount of electricity they would be allowed to use per month. We will be posting the full list of potential restrictions separately. But just note that the absolute last level before partial blackouts would be to stop ski lifts in ski resorts as well as the production of fake snow, and shutting down all indoor amusement parks, nightclubs and cinemas. But remember that as a a federal country, the cantons have to individually agree to all of these measures, so we can expect them to be watered down should things come to a crunch!

And a Merry Christmas Advent time to you too!

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