Znüni News – Thursday November 17

The canton of Lucerne wants to install enough wind turbines until 2050 to cover a quarter of electricity needs for the whole canton, several sites have been designated although none are planned around the city itself.

The RSV virus, a common respiratory virus which is mild for adults but problematic for infants and young children is causing all pediatric wards across the country to be full and overflowing. In quite a few cases children have had to be flown to other cantons where beds were still available. The virus can cause either broncholiatus or pneumonia.

The parliament has decided that supermarkets will have to show which of their products have been flown into Switzerland (especially fresh fruits and vegetables). This in order for consumers to be aware of the carbon footprint of the products they buy.

The Swiss government has, once again, made it clear that they do not want to impose rules in order to save energy this winter. They are calling on each individual to use electricity and gas consciously. However they have called on landlords to keep the general temperatures in buildings at no more than 20° Celsius. They are hoping to reduce energy consumption to 15% this winter, all the while reassuring the public that we have enough electricity and gas for the winter. Slightly confusing messaging.

Have you always dreamed of owning your own cinema seats, this is now possible as the Moderne Cinema is closing down and they are selling seats between CHF 20 and CHF 80 a piece. The former cinema will then be turned into an events hall.

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