Znüni News – Thursday May 27

Yesterday the government gave two press conferences, the first one announcing the ease of lockdown rules as of Monday. You can read the details here.

The other conference was a lot more sombre and announced that Switzerland has walked away from the negotiating table with Europe, as neither party was prepared to concede on any of the contentious points (free movement of people and work contracts). The talks had been in order to modernise the over 120 agreements passed between Europe and Switzerland in the 1970s, and had started some 15 years ago. Although president Guy Parmelin is talking of this being a new start, the word “Swissexit” is now being floated around. The next months could be quite turbulent for the country.

A Jet Plane crashed in the mountains above Melchsee Frutt. Luckily the pilot was able to eject and was not injured. This is the fourth F5 military jet to crash in Switzerland in the last 5 years.

The police are looking at possibly fining people or institutions for Monday night’s football celebrations which went out of control. In particular the people who organised the illegal viewing at the Vögeligarten and, possibly, even the mayor for authorising the football team to go to the Messe to show the trophy which led to 10 000 people converging to the Allmend.

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