Znüni News – Thursday March 2.

The government has decided to support daycare centres by pouring money into the problem, namely CHF 710 million francs a year. This money will be used to offer parents cheaper rates a daycare centres in the hope that the stay at home parent will then be incentivised to go back to work, thereby reducing the crisis of lack of qualified personel in the country.

Meanwhile the government has refused to compensate pensioners for the rising costs of living. The proposal had been for an extra CHF 7.- a month but this was deemed too costly.

Last year, the Swiss Alp Club (SAC) registered 375 000 nights spent by hikers in their mountain huts. This is the highest number of overnight stays in its 160 year old history. This generated a revenue of 37.9 million francs, another record.

Will the FC Luzern still call the Allmend home? This is what will be announced at some point today. The mayor has stepped into the debate and asked both parties to sit and have a talk face to face, hoping that some sort of solution can be found. If things don’t work out (and with so much bad blood it seems hard to believe that it will), the FC Luzern might end up calling Gersag their home again, like they did in 2012. (As a reminder, there is a conflict between the main shareholder Mr Alpstaeg who owns the company Swisspor, and the football club’s management and fans.)

Between 2019 and 2022, a couple managed to order 4718 products online without paying for them, thereby making CHF 330 000 in profit. They would give the address of a building they knew to be empty, put the fake name on the letterbox and go and pick up the goods with the pickup notice left in the letterbox at the post office. This is the second time they were caught doing this, the first time was between 2015 and 2017. The man is still in jail.

Spring began meteorologically yesterday and now statistics are showing that this winter was the warmest on record with temperatures 2°C above norm, it was also much drier than other years with a very low amount of precipitation and snow. Now Lucerne is in its foggy mantle, remember that you just need to head up higher to get above the fog!

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