Znüni News – Thursday June 24th

The storms that have been happening the last few of nights have caused damage to date of a value of 6 million francs, the last “victim” is the Zurich train station which was flodded last night. One of the more unexpected consequences is that the tap water in Gisikon is not drinkable and people are advised to boil the water before they use it to wash vegetables, brush their teeth or wash their hands. They should only drink mineral water for the time being until the water can be made safe again. The official information is available in German here.

The weather has been causing chaos for months now and the Wallis which is the proud producer of fabulous apricots is reporting that 85% of their yearly crop has been ruined by the late hard frost of May.

Have we become totally disensitised to one another’s suffering? In Zürich a 64 year old man took a tram at 7 a.m. yesterday and died of a heart attack. It was 6 hours before one of the other passengers noticed that something was amiss and informed the driver. 6 hours! During which time countless people rode the tram close to him and were probably too engrossed in their phones or to indifferent to do anything. How sad.

The Ufschötti has become one of the favourite hanging out spots for young people, much to the frustration of locals who are finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep because of all the noise. I am not sure if the following piece of news will please them. As of July 10th there will be pop up cafés selling crèpes, ice creams and drinks for the summer and next year a new buvette will open on the terraced area of the Ufschötti.

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