Znüni News – Thursday January 26.

There are 120 seats up for the grabs in the upcoming local parliament election and 869 candidates for them, of which 347 are women. This is a record, both the high number of candidates and the number of women, although we still remain a long way away from a gender parity. The election will take place on April 2nd.

Federal Councillor, Alain Berset, finally spoke up about the scandal surrounding him and his office for having leaked information about the government’s Covid-19 strategy to the Ringier Press Agency. He welcomes the auditing commission and insists that he knew nothing about any of this. Time will tell if he has done enough to keep his seat in government.

The department store Manor is going through big transition. Last week rumours were circulating that the whole chain of department stores was up for sale. Now it is known that Manor’s managing director has been fired and a new man put at the head of the company. Sales at Manor have been declining for years and the employees complain openly about poor working conditions. It is hoped that the change at the head of the organisation will help the company turn things around.

Meanwhile milk product company Emmi, has grown its business by 8,1% bringing their turnover at 4.2 billion francs. Their growth seem to have been thanks to their willingless to diversify, with their Caffè Latte, Energy Drinks and Beleaf brand helping them to expand their place on the market.

If you have been watching the series “Welcome to the Chippendales” on Disney+ you are in for a laugh when you get to the episode entitled Switzerland. Scenes that are supposed to take place in Lucerne were not filmed here at all; in fact it is stock imagery from Bad Ischl in Austria, also the Lucerne number plate is completely wrong. Another series on Netflix seems to have confused Lausanne and Lucerne, and shows imagery of Lucerne when the scene is meant to take place in Lausanne. A little bit more money invested into research wouldn’t do these series any harm.

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