Znüni News – Thursday February 9.

Unemployment remains at an all time low, several business branches are struggling to fill positions and yet “specialists” continue to harp on about how the country has to stem the flow of foreigners coming to work in the country. They suggest installing a “Swiss first” policy of first looking inland for people who could do the job, also perhaps making knowledge of the local language a prerequisite to being able to work here, there even is a suggestion that foreigners wanting to work here could have to take a Swissness test where they would have to show their knowledge of the political system for example. Whereas the right wing parties agree that something needs to be done to slow the flow of foreigners, the left wing parties point out to a current difficulty in finding qualified personel and believe that this is a stratagem to get women to work longer and people to retire at a later age.

Whereas the Luzerner Kantonalbank came out a clear winner when it came to profits last year, both the private bank Vontobel and Credit Suisse are recording profits loss for 2022; down by 40% for Vontobel and a loss of 7.3 billion francs for Credit Suisse.

60 million francs worth of public transport money is missing because of people travelling without a valid ticket. Many people will first get on the train or bus and then pay for the ticket when they see the controller, this means that many will also get away with not having a ticket. It is actually illegal to step onto the bus or train without the ticket already being bought whether through an app or at the ticket machine.

Last year 40 cash points were ransacked and money stolen, mainly with the help of explosives. As a consequence Migros bank has decided to close its cash points overnight, which consumer protection associations are saying is detrimental to the customer. They suggest that it would be much better to equip the cash points with ink which would ruin the money should the cash point be attacked. This has been done to great effect in other countries. To date only 1/3 of cash points in Switzerland have this system.

A Drag Queen from Lucerne was brutally attacked along with two colleagues when coming home from a show in Zurich this past Saturday. When they called the police they were told to go home and make a complaint the next day at the police station. They claim that the police had no interest in pursuing the three attackers that same night, and they were made to feel unimportant.

6 more sleeps until the begin of Fasnacht!! If you want to find out more about our 5th season check this post out!


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