Znüni News – Thursday February 11

Fasnacht is here! At 5 a.m. roughly 100 people turned up at the Kappelplatz to celebrate the beginning of Fasnacht and watch a couple of firecrackers being launched. Around a third wore costumes and all tried to keep to the rules. The police were present as were many cameramen and journalists to record who would brave the cold and restriction rules to cheer in Fasnacht all the same. By 5.30 the police had dispersed the crowds after advising everyone to go back home to continue the celebrations, of course, in groups of no more than 5 people from 2 households.

For those who really want to feel the Fasnacht vibe, Tele 1 is showing old recordings of Fasnachts past. If you love Fasnacht music then go to the Fasnacht-dihei website where various djs will take turns playing Fasnacht music today and tomorrow from 11.00 to 23.00. This is a private initiative with no additional funding so they appreciate any donation you can make.

By the way this isn’t the first time that Fasnacht has been cancelled, the two world wars as well as the spanish flu all put paid to Fasnacht festivities in the past.

Enjoy Fasnacht from home, enjoy the snow and have a Rüüdig Fasnacht all the same!

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