Znüni News – Thursday December 9

We hit a new record yesterday with 12531 cases being recorded in a single day, so it probably is good news that parliament has voted for general tests to become free again even without symptoms. Only home tests, pcr tests for travel and antibody tests will need to be paid for. The government will announce shortly when this will come into effect.
However, in view of the rising numbers, the government is also looking into applying the „2G“ rule, i.e. only the vaccinated and recovered would be allowed entry into certain places such as restaurants.
Meanwhile there have been several outbreaks of bird flu in the German speaking part of Switzerland, meaning that chickens are required to go into quarantine too and can only go outside if their courtyards are covered by a roof. This is in order to prevent them from entering in contact with wild birds who may be carriers. Bird flu is not dangerous for humans.
We have a new head of state: state councillor Ignazio Cassis from the Tessin was elected by a narrow majority to become the new country’s president for this year. Alain Berset, our minister of health, was elected as vice-president.
His name is Ramon Limacher, he lives in Sarnen, is 21 years old and won the bodybuilding World Master under 85 kilos category in Las Vegas last month. This makes him one of the youngest to have ever won this title, apparently bodybuilders usually reach their peak form around the age of 35. 
Lots of snow fell these past few days and there is more to come. Before you ruh off to do some hors-piste skiing please check the avalanche risk level. It currently is at level 3 which means a moderate to high risk of avalanches.

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