Znüni News – Thursday August 26

Two weeks ago our health minister declared that it would be bizarre to require a Covid certificate in restaurants, but now that is exactly what he is proposing be done. The cantons are being consulted towards an implementation of a measure only allowing those who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid-19 into restaurants, bars, cinemas, fitness centres etc… Switzerland would then be in alignement with Germany and France who introduced these rules earlier this month.

To make life harder for non vaccinated people, as of October 1st all testing without symptoms will have to be paid for by the patient. Switzerland has quite a low rate of vaccination with only 51% of the population being fully vaccinated (or recovering from Covid-19).

The FC Lucerne fans have launched a crowd funding page to help pay the CHF 7000.- fine the club was given for having allowed 10 000 fans to celebrate the club’s victory last May. So far CHF 800.- has been raised.

A 23 year old man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for having beaten a 64 year old man to death with a hammer. The two men were residing in the Pension Zihlmatt, a home for people facing social challenges. The murderer justified his act by saying that the older man looked sick and shouldn’t be allowed to live. He expressed no regret for his act.

This summer was the wettest on record. The average temperature was 13.8° which is 0.6° higher than the average, although there only were 10 days with temperatures of over 30° (the average is 15). There was also less sun than usual. Here is hoping to an Indian summer!

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